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Most people call it Mother’s Day, while others call it Mothers Day or Mothers’ Day. The founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Marie Jarvis, spelled it as Mother’s Day. In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May and it is a day for all of us to publicly appreciate mothers and motherhood.

Looking for something to write inside a Mother’s Day card? Try including one or more of these jokes to bring an extra smile to the day.

Funny Jokes for Mother’s Day

Q: What kind of flowers are best for Mother’s Day?
A: Mums.

Q: Why did they have to rush the mommy rattlesnake to the doctor on Mother’s Day?
A: She bit her tongue!

Q: Why did the mommy cat want to go bowling on Mother’s Day?
A: She was an alley cat.

Q: What color flowers do mama cats like to get on Mother’s Day?
A: Purrrrrrrple flowers.

Q: What did mommy pig put on her Mother’s Day pancakes?
A: Hog cabin syrup

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Q: What warm drink helps mom relax on Mother’s Day?
A: Calm-omile tea.

Q: How do you get the kids to be quiet on Mother’s Day morning?
A: Say mums the word.

Q: How do you keep little cows quiet so their mommy can sleep late on Mother’s Day?
A: Use the moooooote button.

Q: Why was the house so neat on Mother’s Day?
A: Because Mom spent all day Saturday cleaning it…

Q: What did Eeyore say to his mom on Mother’s Day when he served her breakfast in bed?
A: I hope thistle make you happy.

Q: What did the kittens give their mom for Mother’s Day?
A: A subscription to Good Mousekeeping.

Q: What do young computers do on Mother’s Day?
A: Give memory cards to their motherboards.

Q: What has a long plume, wings and wears a red bow?
A: A Mother’s Day pheasant.

Q: What kind of candy do moms love for Mother’s Day?
A: Her-she’s Kisses.

Q: Why did the mommy horse want to race on a rainy Mother’s Day?
A: She was a mudder.

Q: Why did the bean children give their mom a sweater for Mother’s Day?
A: She was chili…

Q: What kind of flowers do yellow jacket mothers like for Mother’s Day?
A: Bee-gonias.

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Q: Why did mom get a plate of English muffins on Mother’s Day?
A: Her family wanted her to feel like a queen!

Q: Why did the children put their joke book through the shredder?
A: It was Mother’s day and their dad told them to CUT the comedy.

Q: What did the girl give her mom on Mother’s Day to make her feel pampered?
A: A box of diapers (Pampers).

Q: What did the mommy cat say when her kittens brought her warm milk on Mother’s Day?
A: It’s purrrrrfect.

Q: Who do flowers celebrate on Mother’s Day?
A: Their chrysanthemoms.

Q: Why did the boy put the Mother’s Day cupcakes in the freezer?
A: His sister told him to ice them.

Q: Why did the dentist’s children give their mommy so many gifts for Mother’s Day?
A: The love toothee her smile.

Q: Why was the cracker so happy to see his mom on Mother’s Day?
A: Because he had been a wafer so long.

Q: What did the Panda give his mommy on Mother’s Day?
A: A bear hug.

Q: What makes more noise than a child jumping on mommy’s bed on Mother’s Day morning?
A: Two children jumping on mommy’s bed!

Q: What kind of coffee was the alien mommy drinking on Mother’s Day?
A: Starbucks

Q: How did the Panda open her Mother’s Day card?
A: With her bear hands.

Q: Why did the boy make sweet potato pie for Mother’s Day?
A: His mom always said his pie was yamtastic.

Q: Why was the grape late for Mother’s day brunch?
A: She got caught in a jam on the way.

Q: Why did mommy’s gift arrive the day after Mother’s Day?
A: It was chocoLATE.

Q: How did the alien boy write her Mother’s Day poem?
A: In uni-verses.

Q: What did the hermit crabs do on Mother’s Day?
A: They shellabrated their mommy.

Q: What’s the best thing a new mom can get for Mother’s Day?
A: A long nap.

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Q: What dessert did the mommy cat get after her Mother’s Day dinner?
A: Chocolate Mouse

Q: Why was the Mother’s Day cake so hard?
A: It was a marble cake.

Q: Why did the sea captain’s mommy go out on Mother’s Day?
A: To shop the sails.

Q: What should you make mom for dinner on Mother’s Day?
A: Anything you want – she’s just happy that she doesn’t have to make it!

Q: Why was mom so happy to go to IHOP for pancakes on Mother’s Day?
A: She knew she wouldn’t have to do any dishes.

Q: What did the waiter say to the mommy dog when he served Mother’s Day dinner?
A: Bone-appetit!

Q: What was the mommy cat wearing to breakfast on Mother’s Day?
A: She was still in her paw-jamas.

Q: What did the banana’s mommy get on Mother’s Day?
A: Slippers.

Q: Why do sons love Mother’s Day so much?
A: Because it’s always on son day (Sunday).

Q: Why do moms hope it doesn’t rain on Mother’s Day?
A: Because their kids can’t play outside!

Q: Why was it so hard for the pirate to call his mom on Mother’s Day?
A: Because she left the phone off the hook.

Q: What did the Egyptian family do on Mother’s Day?
A: Brought their mummy breakfast in bed.

Q: What did the lazy boy say to his mom on Mother’s Day when she was about to do the dishes?
A: Relax mom… you can just do them in the morning.

Q: What kind of sweets do astronaut moms like for Mother’s Day?
A: Mars bars.

Q: Who helped make Mother’s Day breakfast for mama corn?
A: Popcorn.

Q: Why did the sisters give such a tiny gift to their mom for Mother’s Day?
A: She was a minimum.

Q: What do nice pirates do on Mother’s Day?
A: Take out the garrrrrrrrrrrbage without being asked.

Q: Where did the reindeer family go for ice cream on Mother’s Day?
A: Deery Queen.

Q: What did the cheerleader bring her mom for breakfast on Mother’s Day?
A: Cheerios.

Q: What was Cleopatra’s favorite day of the year?
A: Mummy’s day.

Q: Why didn’t the maid’s children wake her up?
A: It was Mother’s Day and they let her sweep in.

Q: When does Mother’s Day come before St. Patrick’s Day?
A: In the dictionary!

Q: Why couldn’t mom put her crochet project down on Mother’s Day?
A: She was hooked on it.

Q: Why were the rope children so quiet on Mother’s Day?
A: They were trying not to be knotty.

Q: What can mommy reindeer see on Mother’s Day that no other moms can see?
A: Their reindeer children.

Q: Which is the most special Sunday in Egypt?
A: Mummy’s Day.

Q: Where did the cow family go on Mother’s Day?
A: The moo-vies.

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Q: Which restaurant did the bucaneer take his mom for Mother’s Day?
A: Long John Silver’s.

Q: Who do panda children celebrate on Mother’s Day?
A: Child-BEARers.

Q: What did the martians wear to Mother’s Day dinner?
A: Space suits.

Q: Which day does Cherry Garcia’s mommy like the most?
A: Mother’s Day Sundae.

Q: What’s the easiest way to wake mom up on Mother’s Day?
A: Put a cat on the bed… while the dog’s there!

Q: What if mom still doesn’t wake up with a cat and dog on the bed?
A: Throw a mouse on the bed!

Q: What should you never give a mommy dentist on Mother’s Day?
A: A plaque!

Q: Why did the kids give their mom a blanket for Mother’s Day?
A: Because they thought she was the coolest mom.

Q: What happens at the needle’s house on Mother’s Day at 8pm?
A: It threadtime.

Q: What did the puppies make their mom for Mother’s Day breakfast?
A: Pooched eggs.

Q: Where did the spider learn how to make a Mother’s Day gift?
A: On the web.

Q: What magazine did the mommy cow read while her calves made a Mother’s Day brunch?
A. Cows-mopolitan.

Q: What did Chewbacca bake for his mom on Mother’s Day?
A: Chocolate Chip Wookiees.

Q: How did the mommy cat feel on Mother’s Day?
A: She was in a great Mewd.

Son: Mommy, how does breakfast in bed sound to you?
Mommy: It sounds wonderful!
Son: Great… I’ll have scrambled eggs, pancakes and hashbrowns…

Q: Why didn’t the teddy bear’s mommy want a big meal on Mother’s Day?
A: She was already stuffed!

Q: How do piglets wake their mama up on Mother’s Day?
A: With hogs and kisses.

Q: Why couldn’t the digital clock make dinner for Mother’s Day?
A: He had no hands.

Q: When would you hit a Mother’s Day cake with a hammer?
A: When it’s a pound cake.

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