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Elvis Jokes

Q: Why wasn’t Elvis still on stage when the fan got to the show?
A: Elvis had left the building.

Q: Who is the best singer in the garden?
A: Elvis Parsely

Q: What was Elvis’s first great hit?
A: A grand slam in Little League baseball!

Q: Why did Elvis like milk shakes so much?
A: They’re all shook up.

Q: What did Elvis say when he was handed a burger at the barbecue?
A: Won’t eat nothin’ but a hot dog…

Q: Where wouldn’t Elvis ever stay on Valentine’s Day?
A: The Heartbreak Hotel.

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Q: Why did Elvis go to the shoe psychiatrist?
A: His suede shoes were blue.

Q: Why did Elvis go the zoo keeper?
A: To ask if he could be their Teddy Bear.

Q: Where did they almost build Graceland?
A: Elvisconsin.

Q: What was Elvis doing at the beach?
A: Going to a clambake.

Q: What did Elvis say at the restaurant?
A: Love me, chicken tenders, love me true…

Q: What did Elvis say when his classmate punched him?
A: Don’t be cruel.

Q: Why did aliens go to Graceland?
A: They were Elvisitors from another planet.

Q: What did Elvis do when he couldn’t find a singing partner?
A: He went out and bought a duet yourself kit.

Q: Why did Bugs Bunny move next door to Elvis?
A: He knew his houndog had never caught a rabbit.

Q: Why was Elvis invited to the farm?
A: They were having a Moosical.

Q: What soup did Elvis always order when he went out?
A: El-Vichyssoise

Q: Why was Elvis arrested after his concert?
A: He was in treble.

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Q: Why did Elvis rock back and forth while singing when he forgot the words to the song?
A: To make it more difficult to hit him with tomatoes.

Q: Which singer do salmon like to listen to?
A: Elfish Presley.

Q: Why couldn’t Elvis get back on stage after intermission?
A: He couldn’t find the right key.

Q: What kind of singer was Elfish?
A: He was a wrapper.

Q: How was Elvis like a pirate?
A: He was a terror on the high C’s.

Q: What do you call a singer who falls into a patch of poison ivy?
A: Elfitch Presley.

Q: What did the singer say when he won the lottery?
A: El-vis must be my lucky day.

Q: How was Elvis described by his tailor?
A: Army.

Q: Who is the king of the garden?
A: Elvis Parsley.

Q: Why wasn’t Elvis’s houndog moved back down from the 9th grade?
A: They said he was high-classed, but that was just a lie.

Q: Which movie did Elvis like most?
A: King Kong.

Q: Why was Elvis at the cow farm?
A: He was looking for backup moo-sicians.

Q: Why couldn’t you talk to Elvis when he joined the army?
A: He was, uh, private.

Q: Who goes on Graceland tours?
A: Elvisitors.

Q: Why couldn’t Elvis get back into the rehearsal room?
A: He missed the key change.

Q: Why did Elvis have soda all over him?
A: The can he opened was all shook up.

Q: Why couldn’t Elvis’s neighbors sleep at night?
A: His houndog was crying all the time.

Q: What did the singing cat have on it’s face?
A: Elviskers.

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Knock Knock.
Who’s There?
Elvis who?
Elvis help Santa make toys.

Knock Knock.
Who’s There?
Elvis who?
It’s Elvis not to share…

Knock knock
Whos There?
Amal Who?
Amal shook up.

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Elvis who?
Elvisit you later.

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