Cross Country Jokes

Funny Cross Country Jokes for distance runners, school athletes, coaches, parents and everyone who is involved in cross-country racing.

Cross country jokes can be fun for everyone. Cross country running is a sport with teams and individuals racing on outdoor courses over natural terrain, such as dirt, mud or grass. It is a popular fall school sport (in the Northeast, at least), with racers participating in meets and invitationals. Races can include hundreds of participants.

This collection of jokes about cross country running and racing is clean and safe for all ages – and sure to get laughs from adults and kids alike.

Cross Country Jokes and Running Jokes

Q: What do cross country runners put on their nachos?
A: PACE picante sauce.

Q: How did the cabbage do at the cross country invitational?
A: It was a head the whole time…

Q: How do runners see at night?
A: With electrolytes.

Q: Why did the cross country team like to run along the ocean?
A: For the Endolphins.

Q: Why did the runner need a loan?
A: Oxygen Debt

Q: How do crazy runners go through the forest?
A: They take the psycho path.

Q. What should slow runners eat before a big race?
A. Fast food.

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Q: Why was the cross country team running backwards?
A: They wanted to gain weight!

Q: Why can’t you hear cross country runners when their training?
A: They wear sneakers…

Q: How do you gain one second on the person you’re racing?
A: Tell them their shoe laces are untied.

Q: How do you gain ten seconds on the person you’re racing?
A: Untie their shoe laces.

Q. Why did the Scandinavian win the cross country race?
A. He started near the Finnish line…

Q: How do you gain twenty seconds on the person you’re racing?
A: Tie their shoes together with their laces.

Q: Did you hear about the race between the lettuce and the tomato?
A: The lettuce was a head but the tomato was trying to ketchup.

Q: How did the barber win the cross country race?
A: He took a short cut.

Q: If 5 monkeys run after one banana, what time is it?
A: Five after one.

Q: What might you get if you run in front of a car?
A: Tired.

Q: What’s another name for a free treadmill?
A: Outside.

Q: What do you get when you run behind a car?
A: Exhausted

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Q: Why shouldn’t you let a jogger be a juror?
A: Because you’ll end up with a runaway jury.

Q: Why do dogs run in circles?
A: Because it’s harder to run in triangles!

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Eyesore who?
Eyesore from my long run—can we take the elevator?

Q: Why did the vegetarians stop running cross country?
A: They didn’t like any meets!

Q: How did the cross country runner run for 3-hours but only move two feet?
A: He only had two feet!

Q: Why shouldn’t you take a nap during a race?
A: If you snooze, you lose!

Q: What race is never run?
A: A swimming race.

Q: What does a runner drink when she is in last place?
A: Ketchup.

Q: What makes a cross country racer similar to stegosaurus?
A: Spikes!

Q: Why did the pig lose at the cross country meet?
A: He pulled a HAM string.

Q: Why did the trainer want her client to work out where it was sunny?
A: So she would feel the burn.

Q: What kind of running shoes are made from banana skins?
A: Slippers.

Q: What was the cross country racer’s favorite school subject?
A: Jog-raphy.

Q: What do runners do when they forget something?
A: They jog their memory

Q: What do a dentist and a track coach have in common?
A: They both use drills!

Q: What did the coach say after watching his runner complete a mile at marathon pace?
A: Sorry, but could you repeat that?

Q: Why did the runner cross the road?
A: Because that’s where the less-crowded aid station was.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Hydrate who?
Hydrate you a 9 out of 10…

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Q: Why do cross country runners always want to go to college?
A: Education pays off in the long run.

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