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Ninjas are people who are trained and highly skilled in the Japanese art of Ninjutsu.
Ninjas - Ninja Jokes for Kids
Ninjas are also one of the most popular Halloween costumes for kids! Here are some fun kids ninja jokes.

Jokes about Ninjas

Q: What do ninja’s drink during the summer?
A: Karah Tea

Q: Why did the ninja go to college?
A: He wanted to be a ninja-neer.

Q: Why was the ninja told after his job interview?
A: You’re Hy’aad!

Q: How will you know when you’ve met a ninja?
A: The grim reaper will tell you!

Q: What’s a ninja’s favorite Halloween game?
A: Hide-and-ghost-seek!

Q: How did the ninja beat the pig?
A: With a pork-chop.

Q: Where do ninja get supplies?
A: The Stealth Food Store

Q: What was the ninja’s reply when Charlie Brown asked him for a kite?
A: I have nun-chuck.

Q: Where do ninja zombies train?
A: On a ninja training corpse.

Q: Why do ninja’s make good Halloween guests?
A: They’re great at carving Jack-o-lanterns!

Q: What did the ninja sing after beating an army of skeletons?
A: Bad to the Bone

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Q: Why did the bad guy cross the road?
A: To get away from a ninja!

Q: What do you call a surprise party for a ninja?
A: A very bad idea!

Q: How do you ask a ninja to leave?
A: Say Ninjago!

Q: Why was the ninja kicked out of Hollywood?
A: For throwing stars!

Q: What football position do ninjas like most?
A: Kicker

Q: What do ninjas order at restaurants?
A: Swordfish

Q: What do ninjas like to play during recess?
A: Ninjump-rope

Q: What did the pirate ninja say to the buccaneer?
A: Ninjarrrrrrrrrgh.

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Q: What was the ninja doing on the island of Sodor?
A: He wanted to be an ninja-neer.

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