Peppa Pig Jokes

Are you a fan of Peppa Pig? If you or your children enjoy watching Peppa Pig shows, then this collection of Peppa Pig jokes is for you.

You’ll find funny Peppa Pig jokes about Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Granny Pig, Grandpa Pig, Miss Rabbit, Mr. Elephant, Peppa Pig, Grandad Dog, Grampy Rabbit, Madame Gazelle, George Pig, Emily Elephant, Mummy Elephant, Doctor Elephant, Edmund Elephant and more.

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Peppa Pig Jokes for Kids

Q: How does Peppa Pig write secret messages?
A: With invisible oink.

Q: What does Peppa Pig do after school?
A: Her hamwork.

Q: What do they call Daddy Pig when he rolls in a puddle?
A: A groundhog.

Q: What does Daddy Pig bring to the beach?
A: His surfBOARd.

Q: What did Daddy Pig say when he got hurt?
A: Call the hambulance.

Q: Why did Mummy Pig put a blanket on the ground?
A: To have a pig-nic

Q: What do they call Grandpa Pig when he keeps telling the same stories?
A: A boar.

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Q: What do you call it when you cross a dinosaur with a Peppa Pig?
A: Jurassic pork.

Q: What is George Pig’s favorite book?
A: Hamlet.

Q: What does Madame Gazelle call the creation of the Universe?
A: The Pig Bang Theory.

Q: Which of George’s favorite Star Wars characters was really a pig?
A: Ham Solo

Q: What is a Daddy Pig’s favorite color?
A: MaHOGany

Q: What did George Pig dress up as on Halloween?
A: Frankenswine

Q: What karate move did Mummy Pig try on Miss Rabbit?
A: The porkchop.

Q: What do you get when you cross a Daddy Pig with a scary dinosaur?
A: A porkasaurus rex.

Q: What did the George Pig say when Mr. Wolf grabbed his tail?
A: That’s the end of me.

Q: What do the Pigs do on nice days?
A: They go on pignics.

Q: How do Peppa and George Pig greet their parents?
A: With hogs and kisses.

Q: What did Daddy Pig call a Grandpa Pig’s fake story?
A: A lot of hogwash.

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Q: What instrument does George Pig play in the school band?
A: Pigcussion

Q: What was the Mummy Pig’s favorite ballet?
A: Swine Lake

Q: What song does Peppa Pig’s family sing on New Year’s Eve?
A: Auld Lang Swine.

Q: What sporting event does Daddy Pig watch every four years?
A: The Olympigs

Q: Where will Peppa Pig go after high school?
A: A school for higher loining.

Q: Where did Daddy and Mummy Pig go for their honeymoon?
A: TroPIGal islands

Q: What does Daddy Pig put on his pancakes?
A: Hog cabin syrup

Q: What kind of truck does Grandpa Pig drive?
A: A pig-up truck.

Q: Which painter is Peppa Pig’s favorite?
A: Pigcasso

Q: What does Granddad Dog yell when he stops his ship?
A: Oinkers Aweight

Q: What do they call Daddy Pig for driving all over the road?
A: A road hog.

Q: What do Peppa and George Pig hand out on February 14th?
A: Valenswines.

Q: Why was Daddy Pig ejected from the soccer game?
A: For playing dirty.

Q: What was Daddy Pig’s favorite position in baseball?
A: Shortslop.

Q: What do you get when you play tug-of-war with Peppa Pig?
A: Pulled-Pork

Q: How did they get Daddy Pig to the hospital after he hurt himself?
A: In an hambulance.

Q: Which President dog George Pig say really was a pig?
A: AbraHAM Lincoln

Q: What did Peppa call George when he stole her doll?
A: A hamburglar.

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Q: Who was the smartest pig in history?
A: Ein-swine

Q: Which magazine do the 3-little pigs like to read?
A: Porks Illustrated

Madame Gazelle: Peppa Pig, answer my question at once. What is 7 plus 2?
Peppa Pig: At once.

Q: What kind of parties does Mummy Pig like to throw?
A: Sowprize parties.

Q: What do you do if Madame Gazelle rolls her eyes at you?
A: Pick them up and roll them back

Q: What did George Pig use when hr get a scraped knee?
A: Oinkment

Q: Why should you never tell a George Pig a secret?
A: He loves to squeal

Madame Gazelle: What is the shortest month?
Peppa Pig: May, it only has three letters.

Q: Which actor does Peppa Pig like the least?
A: Kevin Bacon.

Q: What do you get when you cross a Daddy Pig and a cactus?
A: A porky-pine

Q: What brand does Peppa Pig trendy pigs wear?
A: Calvin Swine.

Q: Where does Daddy Pig leave his cars?
A: A porking lot.

Q: Why are pig books so interesting?
A: There’s always a twist in the tale.

Q: What did Pedro Pony want for Christmas?
A: A Pony Play Station.

Madame Gazelle: Suzy Sheep, I hope I didn’t see you looking at Peppa’s exam?
Suzy Sheep: I hope you didn’t either.

Q: Why is Mummy Elephant such a bad dancer?
A: Because she has 2 left feet.

Q: What’s as big as an elephant, but weighs nothing?
A: An elephant’s shadow.

Q. Why won’t Emily Elephant use computers?
A. Because she’s afraid of the mouse.

Q. What does Doctor Elephant do at night?
A. Watch elevision.

Q: Why did Madame Gazelle write on the window?
A: Because she wanted the lesson to be very clear.

Q: What is Mr. Elephant’s favorite Star Wars character?
A: TUSKan Raiders.

Q. What’s grey with red spots?
A. Emily Elephant with the measles.

Madame Gazelle: If you got $20 from 5 people, what do you get?
George Pig: A new bike!

Q. What did the banana say to Mummy Elephant?
A. Nothing – bananas can’t talk.

Q: Why can’t Mr. Elephant get down from a ladder?
A: Because you can only get down from a goose.

Q: What time is it when Mr. Elephant stands on your skateboard?
A: Time to get a new skateboard.

Q: What game do you never want to play with Mr. Elephant?
A: Squash.

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Q: What time is it when Daddy Pig sits on your tricycle?
A: Time to get a new tricycle.

Madame Gazelle: If I had 6 oranges in one hand and 7 apples in the other, what would I have?
Suzy Sheep: Big hands.

Q: What did Doctor Elephant do with the green elephant?
A: He let it ripen.

Q: Why isn’t Edmond Elephant allowed on beaches?
A: He can’t keep his trunks up

Q: How do you stop Mummy Elephant from charging?
A: Take away her credit card

Q: Why did Madame Gazelle go to the beach?
A: To test the water.

Q: How does Emily Elephant get out of the water?
A: Wet and wrinkled.

Q: What is Mummy Elephant’s favorite album?
A: Tusk (by Fleetwood Mac)

Madame Gazelle: You missed school yesterday, didn’t you?
George Pig: Not really.

Q: What did they call Edmund Elephant when he wouldn’t share?
A: Elfish.

Q: What did the Mr. Dog say to the Mr. Elephant?
A: Woof.

Madame Gazelle: Didn’t I tell you to stand at the end of the line?
Peppa Pig: I tried but there was someone already there.

Q: How can you tell if Edmund Elephant’s been in the refrigerator?
A: Foot prints in the pizza.

Q: Why were Madame Gazelle’s eyes crossed?
A: She couldn’t control her pupils.

Q: Where did George Pig find his lost Dinosaur?
A: Where he left him.

Q: Why did Madame Gazelle wear sunglasses during class?
A: Because her class was so bright.

Q: What does Emily Elephant smell like after she takes a bath?
A: Wet elephant.

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