Fun Kids Halloween Jokes: The World’s Best Halloween Joke Collection

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    • 29 Chapters.
    • 229 pages.
    • Publisher: Fun Kids Jokes, 2019
    • Multiple Formats: PDF, Mobi, ePub (viewable on phones, tablets, Kindle, etc.)

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    Fun Kids Halloween Jokes: The World’s Best Halloween Joke Collection features 29 chapters (229 pages) packed with clean Halloween-jokes suitable for all ages – young and young-at-heart.


    1. Halloween Candy Jokes and Riddles
    2. Halloween Candy Knock Knock Jokes
    3. Trick or Treat Jokes for Halloween
    4. Wolf Jokes
    5. Cyclops Jokes
    6. Chocolate Jokes
    7. Jokes about Worms
    8. Monster Jokes
    9. Haunted House Jokes
    10. Boogeyman Jokes
    11. Pirate Jokes for Halloween
    12. Wizard Jokes
    13. Jokes about Broomsticks
    14. Black Cat Jokes
    15. Ghost Jokes
    16. Jokes About Bats
    17. Mummy Jokes
    18. Frankenstein Jokes
    19. Scarecrow Jokes
    20. Spider Jokes
    21. Demon Jokes
    22. Jokes about Jack-o-lanterns
    23. Jokes about Werewolves
    24. Skeleton Jokes
    25. Vampire Jokes
    26. Best Witch Jokes
    27. Harry Potter Jokes
    28. Ghoul Jokes
    29. Halloween Knock-Knock Jokes

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