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Bigfoot is a popular legend in North America. Over the years, many reports of a large, hairy, ape-like creature roaming the forests have been told. And according to the stories, large foot prints have been found to prove that Bigfoot exists.

Bigfoot is known by many different names. The most common names are Sasquatch, Big Foot, Stone Giant, Bushman, Tree Man, Sokqueatl, Hairy Man, Ts’emekwes, Sesquac and Wild Man. Some people mistakenly refer to Bigfoot as the Abominable Snowman or Yeti, but they are not the same creature (although they share similarities.

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Bigfoot Jokes

Q: What is Bigfoot’s favorite type of snack chip?
A: Dori-TOES.

Bigfoot was spotted throwing a tantrum and talking back to his parents… No wonder they call him the SASS-quatch.

Q: What’s a Bigfoot’s favorite Japanese food?
A: SHOE-shi.

Bigfoot was worried one of his feet looked wrong… because he knew they both couldn’t be right…

Q: Who is Bigfoot’s favorite movie character?
A: TOE-mater (“Mater” from “Cars” is also known as “Tow-Mater”)

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Legend says that a Bigfoot can grow up to 15 feet… but they usually just have two…

Q: How does Bigfoot capture special memories?
A: With a pho-TOE.

Sasquatch used to complain about his foot fungus, but now it’s starting to grow on him.

Q: Why isn’t Bigfoot ever seen with the Yeti?
A: They are ARCH Enemies (the arch is part of the foot).

I went to see a movie about Bigfoot . I was a great FEET-ure film…

Q: What did Bigfoot say to his doubtful coach after kicking the winning field goal?
A: I TOED you so.

Bigfoot finally got married. I guess he met his SOLE mate.

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Achoo who?
Achoo is too small to fit on Bigfoot!

Q: Who were two of Bigfoot’s favorite Greek philosophers?
Play-TOE and SOCK-rates.

We thought it was serious when Sasquatch hurt his foot because it can take so long to HEEL.

Q: Why did Bigfoot’s sock have a hole in it?
A: How else could he put his foot in it?

Bigfoot wanted to be a plumber, but he just wasn’t comfortable with the CLOGS…

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Q: Why does Bigfoot keep looking in his mailbox for checks?
A: He expects royalties from Lucas Films for using his likeness (as Chewbacca)

Q: Why did Bigfoot put two slices of bread around his foot?
A: To see what a below-knee sandwich looked like.

It is no small feet to make shoes for Bigfoot…

Q: What does Bigfoot like for breakfast?
A: Buttered TOE-st.

Q: What questions annoys Bigfoot more than any other?
A: Is Han Solo here too?

I have to admit, Bigfoot puns can be CORNY…

Q: What is a Bigfoot’s favorite mint candy?
A: Men-TOES.

Q: Why was Bigfoot looking for two giant bananas?
A: He wanted a pair of slippers…

It bothers Bigfoot that he so often gets mistaken for The Abominable Snowman… Yeti doesn’t seem to mind.

Q: Instead of a doctor, who did Bigfoot call after stubbing his foot?
A: A TOE truck.

Q: Why was Bigfoot doing stomach crunches all winter?
A: He was trying to be the Abdominal Snowman.

My friends complain about how I keep comparing Bigfoot to the Abominable Snowman… Yeti keep doing it.

Q: Who is Bigfoot’s favorite movie character?
A: Chewbacca!

Q: How does Bigfoot tell the time?
A: With a sasq-watch.

Q: Bigfoot was spotted throwing a tantrum and talking back to his parents.
A: No wonder they call him the SASS-quatch.

Q: Why are Bigfoot’s sinuses so stuffy?
A: He refuses to use a Yeti pot.

Q: What did Bigfoot say when the Abominable Snowman asked if he was ready to leave the party?
A: Not Yeti.

Some scientists believe they will find Bigfoot some day, just not Yeti…

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Q: What did the Abominable Snowman serve to Bigfoot when he visited?
A: A cup of Yeh-tea

Q: Why was Bigfoot so good are reading map symbols?
A: Because he’s a legend!

Q: Sasquatch is a tricky word to spell. How is it spelled backwards?
A: It is spelled “ti” backwards…

Q: Why was Bigfoot’s teacher confused about his performance?
A: Because he was making Wookie mistakes…

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