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Funny jokes for kids and parents listed by theme - like animals, school, Star Wars, and sports. The best jokes for children – parent approved!

Chess Jokes - Fun Kids Jokes

Chess Jokes

These funny chess jokes will keep you from being board!
Houston Astros Jokes for Baseball Fans

Houston Astros Jokes

These Houston Astros jokes are perfect for young and old baseball fans.
Brewers Baseball Jokes - Funny Brewers Jokes

Brewers Jokes

Get ready for some laughs with this collection of Brewers baseball jokes.
Christopher Columbus Jokes - Columbus Day Jokes

Christopher Columbus Jokes

You're going to have a great time exploring these Christopher Columbus jokes.
Octopus Jokes - Funny Octopus Jokes

Octopus Jokes

Arm yourself with the funniest octopus jokes and share some smiles with your family.
Boston Red Sox Jokes for Baseball Fans

Boston Red Sox Jokes

These Red Sox baseball jokes will leave you in stitches!
New York Yankees Jokes

New York Yankees Jokes

These funny Yankees baseball jokes are a real home run.
Funny Geometry Jokes

Geometry Jokes

Get your funny bone in shape with these fun geometry jokes.
Halloween Jokes for Kindergarteners

Halloween Jokes for Kindergarten

Halloween jokes that kindergarten age children will understand and laugh at.
Jokes about the Colts Football

Indianapolis Colts Jokes

Saddle up for some funny jokes about the Indianapolis Colts football team.
Wolf Jokes for Kids

Wolf Jokes

Collection of funny wolf jokes for you to howl at.
Denver Broncos Football Jokes for Kids

Denver Broncos Jokes

Funny Denver Broncos jokes for Broncos fans and football fans of all ages.
Kansas City Chiefs Football Jokes

Kansas City Chiefs Football Jokes

You don't need to go to Arrowhead Stadium for something to smile about - just check out these Chiefs jokes.
Minnesota Vikings Jokes - Football Jokes

Minnesota Vikings Jokes

You're going to cheer when you hear these Minnesota Vikings jokes!

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Chess Jokes

Chess Jokes - Fun Kids Jokes
These funny chess jokes will keep you from being board!

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