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Jokes about Ants - Safe for Kids

Ant Jokes

Looking for ant jokes? This is the best collection of jokes about ants you'll find anywhere. Not only are these ant jokes fANTastic,...
Jokes about Bananas

Banana Jokes

The best collection of banana jokes online. Clean and safe for kids of all ages.
Funny Peppa Pig Jokes for Kids

Peppa Pig Jokes

Look Mummy, it's the biggest, best collection of Peppa Pig jokes anywhere!

5 Funny Peppa Pig Videos for Kids

Great collection of Peppa Pig Show Full Episodes. Peppa Pig is a very funny show! Here are some of the best Peppa Pig episodes.
Batman Jokes for Kids - Funny Batman Jokes

Batman Jokes

Check out these fun kids jokes about Batman, also known as the Caped Crusader and the Dark Knight.
Funny SpiderMan Jokes for Kids

Spider-Man Jokes

How about some funny Spider-Man jokes? These Spiderman jokes might get your spidey senses going...
Superhero Jokes for Kids - Superheroes Kids Jokes

Superhero Jokes

The best collection of superhero jokes online. Funny jokes about superheroes like Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman and more.
Funny Clean Jokes About Egypt for Kids

Jokes About Egypt

Funny jokes about Egypt, including Pharoahs, pyramids, mummies, King Tut and much more.
Winter Jokes for Kids - Funny Winter Jokes

Winter Jokes for Kids

The best collection of winter jokes for kids - and that's no joke!
Jokes about Apples - Funny Apple Jokes

Apple Jokes

We have a bushel of apple jokes for you and they're sure to bring lots of smiles. Apple pie jokes too!
Pie Jokes - Jokes about Pies

Pie Jokes

Sink your teeth into this collection of funny pie jokes! Great for the holidays or anytime.
Pumpkin Jokes - Great for Thanksgiving and Halloween

Pumpkin Jokes

Pumpkin jokes are perfect during the fall and holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Dig into these pumpkin jokes!
Snowman - Jokes about Snowman

Snowman Jokes

Snowman jokes and jokes about snowmen - great during the winter and holidays.
Potato Jokes - Clean and Safe Jokes about Potatoes for Kids

Potato Jokes

Jokes about potatoes for Thanksgiving or anytime. These potato jokes are smashing!

Random Knock Knock Jokes

Knock Knock Jokes Starting with the Letter B

Huge collection of knock-knock jokes that start with the letter "B." You will find plenty of jokes that you have never heard before, from...
Christmas Knock Knock Jokes

Christmas Knock Knock Jokes

Check out this funny collection of Christmas knock knock jokes to celebrate the season.
Frosty the Snow man Jokes for Kids

Frosty the Snowman Jokes

Everyone loves Frosty the Snowman - and everyone will enjoy these funny jokes about Frosty the Snowman.
Elf on the Shelf Jokes for Kids

Elf on the Shelf Jokes

The best Elf on the Shelf jokes anywhere. Funny, clean and safe for kids of all ages. Jokes about the Elf on the Shelf, funny for kids.
Pie Jokes - Jokes about Pies

Pie Jokes

Sink your teeth into this collection of funny pie jokes! Great for the holidays or anytime.