Jokes for Thanksgiving

Jokes for Thanksgiving for friends and family to gobble up! These funny Thanksgiving jokes will bring smiles to your Thanksgiving day. Families love these Thanksgiving jokes, turkey jokes, Pilgrim jokes and Thanksgiving Dinner jokes as Thanksgiving rolls around (see Bread jokes).

These jokes are a great way for parents and teachers to get in the spirit of the holiday. Write some out on post-it notes and put in a lunchbox or notebook for school.

Sink your teeth into these collections of Thanksgiving jokes — they’re clean, kid-safe and fun for the whole family. Post to your Facebook or Twitter friends to cheer up friends and family.

Bread - Jokes about Bread

Bread Jokes

Great collection of jokes about bread and baking. Perfect for holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, or anytime. Funny bread jokes for kids of all ages.
Pilgrims - Jokes for Kids

Pilgrim Jokes

This collection of Pilgrim jokes is great for Thanksgiving or anytime. These jokes about Pilgrims are safe for kids of all ages.
Turkey Jokes

Turkey Jokes

Gobble up these funny turkey jokes - great for Thanksgiving or anytime.
Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids - Funny Clean Thanksgiving Jokes

Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

Thanksgiving jokes you an really sink your teeth into -- they're funny, clean and kid-safe for the whole family.

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